Welcome to the Everyday Practice Of Hope: In-depth coaching intended to transform lives with music, humor & inspiration!

If your life were a movie, what songs would be on your soundtrack?  

Would it include song titles like Broken Wings, Everybody's Fool, or She Works Hard for the Money?
I'm HOPE and I Help Outstanding People Elevate through creating a new life soundtrack that aligns with the life you want!


Eliminate Toxic Relationships, Attract The Money You Deserve, Live In Your Purpose

Hope Surratt-Foster


Hope Surratt-Foster is a skilled and intuitive Mastery Method coach, Agile coach, author, DJ, stand-up comedian, and proud wife of an amazing and supportive partner. Her journey to personal and professional fulfillment has been marked by resilience and transformation, making her an empathetic and inspiring guide for others.


After facing numerous hardships in business and relationships, a life-changing retreat to Hawaii helped Hope to own her authenticity and embrace her God-gifted purpose of service and leadership in personal development. This pivotal experience empowered her to channel her diverse talents into a unified mission of helping others achieve their goals and dreams.


In 2022, Hope established EPOH, an acronym for Everyday Practice Of Hope™, to create a safe space for professionals seeking growth and support. EPOH's mission is to help every person live authentically in pursuit of their goals and dreams of happiness and success in alignment with their purpose and values. Through EPOH, Hope collaborates with individuals who are reassured in knowing they are not alone and have a safe space to speak and grow.


Hope's unique approach to personal development integrates the transformative power of coaching, music, and comedy. As a Certified Mastery Method coach, she provides clients with tools that expand and support Awareness, Acceptance, and Aligned-Action, fostering profound personal growth and development. Her intuitive coaching methods are enriched by her experiences as a DJ and stand-up comedian, using music and humor to uplift and inspire.


Hope’s multifaceted career reflects her belief that personal growth can be both profound and joyful. By blending her coaching expertise with her artistic talents, she creates a holistic and engaging experience that resonates deeply with her clients. Whether through a motivational speech, a comedic performance, or a coaching session, Hope’s vibrant energy and compassionate insight guide individuals towards living authentically and achieving their fullest potential.


Join Hope Surratt-Foster and discover the Everyday Practice Of Hope™—a journey of growth, authenticity, and joyful pursuit of your dreams.

The Dear Job Journal & Workshops

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Soundtrack Your Life with Joy, Laughter, and Inspiration!

Are you ready to break down the barriers holding you back and uncover the incredible opportunities waiting for you? Hope Surratt-Foster is specially trained to help you dig deep and dismantle the walls you've built to protect yourself from life's challenges. There’s a world of lessons and blessings on the other side of your defenses, and Hope is here to guide you through the journey to embrace them.

Deep Exploration

Uncover the root causes of your barriers and gain profound self-awareness.

Transformative Coaching

Receive personalized guidance to break down limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Empowering Tools

Learn and apply techniques that foster Acceptance, Awareness, and Aligned-Action.

Safe & Supportive Environment

Experience a nurturing space where you can openly explore your thoughts and feelings.

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