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6 Ways to Improve Your Corporationship Now

How an employee shows up in the workplace is not dependent on their job title. When every person, regardless of title, has been supported with intentional and integrative tools, healthy professional relationships are attainable.

And productivity prospers!

1. Get To Know Each Other

Invite someone to coffee or lunch. Join a resource group. Attend a workshop. Networking amongst your peers is one of the best ways to get to know the vibe of the company and for others to get to know you. Trust is built. Goals become aligned. Corporationships improve!

2. Be Mindful

A corporation is a conglomoration of human beings. Each is on their own personal journey WHILE dedicating time and energy to the company. Being mindful of this brings the temperature down when things get hot in the office.

3. Take Initiative to Grow

The best places to work offer benefits towards classes and certifications. When you utilize these benefits, you become an asset for your team. You become the expert and the team turns to you for guidance.

4. Make An Impact

Be the person who identifies pain points, as well as, the solution for them. There's nothing more desirable than when you make work easier for your team. Also, jump in to help! When there's a problem, volunteer to solve it. Corporationships are strong when each player is active and excited to make a difference.

5. Acknowledge the Work Being Done

Acknowledge, Acknowledge, Acknowledge!!! Everyone wants to know they are seen in a positive way. When you acknowledge a person and the work they are doing, it boosts their confidence and endorphines. They're happier and more excited to take ownership and do what is needed.

6. Create a Safe Working Environment


Doing your part in creating a safe space for colleagues is the game changer for a strong corporationship. This includes eliminating assumptions, speaking up against microaggressions, and being inclusive.

Companies that invest in the people, are companies that have people that invest in them.

— Hope Surratt, The Corporationship Coach