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Hilary Dancsecs-Paraprofessional

I’m a happy mother and wife! I went to Hope because I was feeling lost in terms of my career.  It’s not easy for me to open up about my struggles but I instantly felt safe and supported from my very first session with Hope. Through our work together, I’ve identified my purpose, and now I’m pursuing a career in childhood development. Hope helped me acknowledge that the answer to what I wanted was always inside of me.

Laurence Holmes-Music Artist/DJ/IT Professional

I attended a session with Hope and it was delightful. Her kind personality helps keep you relaxed, while her sense of humor and wit provides balance to the process of helping you gain insight. Hope provided a  calming, welcoming, and peaceful environment, making it easy to be comfortable and vulnerable. I would recommend her to anyone looking for coaching yet worried about facing the anxiety that comes along with opening up to someone about your goals, obstacles, and even personal matters.

Steve Foradori-Actor/Financial Advisor

My previous working relationship with Hope was in the corporate world. We recently reconnected and I had a coaching session with her. I explained my current career situation, and she guided me to be more open about new possibilities for the direction of my career.  After our session, I booked a commercial and I’m looking forward to sharing my financial planning insights with a larger clientele. 

Michael Moore-Vice President Finance

Hope is amazing!!! Our session was lively and more fun than I expected. I immediately felt comfortable with speaking with her. She guided me thru a lot of discovery. We pinpointed a key roadblock for me to work on. I can't wait for the next session.

Gina Roland-Makeup Artist/Writer

With Hope’s coaching, I’ve been able to take a closer look inside, and be honest with myself. She’s taught me to address my weaknesses, strengths, and beliefs, cease my bad habits of self-judgement, and made me understand that self-acceptance is not arrogance. Through Hope, I am able to accept myself and not be afraid to be authentic.

Ida Price-Senior Interior Designer

Hope has the gift of making anyone feel comfortable. She is the ultimate listener. You can feel confident in the fact that you will be seen and heard.

Alma Boston-Customer Success Manager

Working with my coach Hope was so enlightening. Her coaching helped me recognize my skills, abilities, goals, and to target potential obstacles .
Our relationship began with easy conversation, then some probing questions to help me have self awareness of my life/work goals. 
She is an AMAZING listener, much like a psychotherapist, I knew what I shared was confidential, she was to be trusted, and there would be no judgment. 
With regular meet ups, and often check ins, I felt like this was a safe place, a partnership, she was invested in me, understanding me and guiding me all the while building my confidence. 
I would highly recommend Hope, She truly cares and is so amazingly insightful. 

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